Monday, April 19, 2010

Broken Arm, Part 2

Well, it's been awhile since Will broke his arm and we've all got over the trauma of it. For me the trauma of not being able to protect your child from anything really. Not a fun realisation. Not like the good realisation that one day THEY LEAVE HOME.

As I had mentioned Will was so brave. The doctors at the hospital looked at him like 'oh my god, we've never seen anything like this' and even some of them said they hadn't seen one so 'well broken'. Hey, what can I say? he's a high achiever.

We talked to him and waited while nurses called doctors and doctors called for x rays and he remained patient and brave. He occasionally looked down at his twisted snake like arm and would say 'I belong in a freak show'. The only freak show he would be in is the one for freaking amazing children.

Before the drugs that the paramedics had given him had worn off Will pulled me in close and said 'Mum, the drugs are good.' I nodded and smiled, 'I know sweetheart, I know'. He pulled me closer 'No, Mum. They are REALLY good'. Then he got the morphine.

Most of it's a blur now but I was surprised we didn't wait to long until the course of action was decided. They would cut off the circulation to his arm, give him anaesthetic, and align the bones manually before plastering. I stayed until they lifted his arm to begin moving the bones back. Then I thought I better check we hadn't got a parking ticket. That's my role. When I got back they were plastering and Peter told me the cracking of the bones was so loud and Will had commented 'Wow, that's amazing' as he looked at his arm he couldn't feel and watched them straighten it again. He had also said that they had made a crack that loud when he fell and all the kids near him had gone 'Eughhhh' and shuddered. But beautiful children they are, they still got him up and helped him to the nurse.

So, he made it back to recovery with his cast on and to wait for some last xrays to make sure they had put it together correctly (they did a brilliant job and it healed so well he was allowed to get his cast off a week early in time for a trip to the beach). Lying there Will looked at me sadly. 'Tell me' he said dramatically 'tell me what it's like to have two arms.'